The Can't Never Could Tea Towel (28 x 29)

$ 14.95

This Southern saying often used in our home is one that Dawn fondly remembers hearing as she grew up. Anytime she said "I can't" her mom would remind her that "Can't never could" or the full phrase "Can't never could do nothing." Proper English or not let it be a reminder to face whatever life throws at you because you don't know if you can unless you try. It’s a great life perspective to carry with you!

This flour sack tea towel is breathable and has a flexible weave, constructed with soft 100% cotton.  Made for cooking and baking all kinds of delicacies, that drapes perfectly over any mixing bowl or rising mound of dough. Great addition to any kitchen & looks great hanging on your stove + gives you some motivation.

Measures 28" x 29".

Machine wash cold. 

Please allow up to 5-7 business days for delivery if shipping.

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