The Don't Quit Tee - Fundraiser

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We want to introduce you to Bryan. He is my (Dan’s) first cousin on my father’s side. Bryan is a husband, a father and a health and wellness teacher. He is a runner and is 40 years old. Over the last couple months, everything has dramatically changed for him. We wanted to help in some way so with his permission we are sharing his story and have created this tee with his life motto to help.

*This is a pre-order tee the first batch will be printed and begin shipping out after June 8, 2018.

On February 2nd of this year, Bryan went on what would turn out to be his last run. He went out for a training run, only to end that run with pain, fever, and chills. Later that day he was diagnosed with the flu, causing him to miss a week of work. By the end of that week, he began to experience slight numbing/tingling in his fingertips and toes. Since that time, he has lost the majority of function, and feeling, in his feet, weakness and muscle loss in the bottom part of his legs, and increased numbing/tingling in his hands to include a recent, drastic decline in his grip strength. He struggles with his balance and has difficulty walking without assistance. He has lost almost 16 lbs over the entire process. Over the last 2-3 weeks, he has began to suffer from paralysis in his face from his forehead down to his upper lip, keeping him from making facial expressions and making eating difficult as well.

He has yet to be given a definitive diagnosis after several MRI’s and CT scans, three lumbar punctures, two nerve conduction studies/EMGs, genetic testing, and countless blood tests.

He has been through several treatments to either manage his symptoms, or treat them. He has been on numerous pain medications for headaches and back pain. A little over a month ago, he went through a 5 week steroid therapy, which was able to remove some of his more severe pain, but did nothing for his neuropathy. Last weekend, he was placed in the hospital for three days to receive a treatment called IVI-g to treat his increasing symptoms, but again, did nothing for him. He will begin one final treatment soon, called plasmapheresis, as a last chance effort to give him relief.

At this point, he will be going to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL on June 25th to see a neuromuscular neurologist, and hopefully receive some answers.

Through it all he is a fighter, and has a determination to return to the road.

Bryan’s love for running, and fitness in general, began in high school where he ran cross country.  He continued his love for running while serving his country as a member of the United States Air Force. Experienced in distances of 5k, 10k, and Half-marathon, running is an escape for him, a way to relieve the stress of life, and it allows him to be a positive role model for his profession and his students.

As a health and wellness educator, he uses the quote “Pain is temporary, quitting is forever.”  His message is simple: If you can push through the small things in life, and not allow yourselves to give up, those obstacles can be surpassed and the reward earned will be much greater.

Once we heard about Bryan’s struggles, we knew we had to do something to help reduce the stress and strain of the medical bills along with the other challenges he and his family are facing. I designed this original design to represent his love for running and the quote that he used to encourage his students that he now finds himself repeating on a daily basis. The wings of the shoe represent running, but also his time with the Air force.

By purchasing this tee a portion of the proceeds will go directly to Bryan and his family to help offset his medical costs and needs. Help us encourage him and let him know he is not alone in his fight! Please pray that the doctors will find a cure for his mysterious illness as soon as possible.

Printed on premium charcoal triblend tees. Made of 50% poly 25% combed and ring-spun cotton 25% rayon

Please allow 7-10 days for production time.