Flagship Retail Store

In 2016, we began to pray and discuss the idea of opening an actual brick + mortar shop in addition to our website. We had been doing pop-up shops for a couple years and our customers were asking us where our shop was. So with a big step of faith, we began the search for the perfect location.

We knew we had to find a place that was unique and what we were looking for and that landed us in our first space in the Farragut area of Knoxville, TN in early 2017. Two years later, we knew it was time to make a move and the opportunity for our new space presented itself our Shop on Kingston Pike was home to DW for 5 years.

Now with a NEW year the next chapter of DW Begins. DW is home! Our new DW Shop in Turkey Creek opened January 27, 2024! We can't wait to share this new convenient space with all of you.